Mazda2 Vs Honda Fit

The 2013 Mazda2 vs. the 2013 Honda Fit

Sarasota drivers looking for the 2013 Mazda2 will find it at Cox Mazda, located in Bradenton. Cox is one of the most trusted dealerships in the area thanks to our friendly approach to customer service. Our family has a long history in the auto business, and we’re proud to carry on that tradition in our Mazda branch. The Mazda2 is a subcompact vehicle perfect for navigating tight city traffic and parking. It’s also a great buy for anyone who has low cargo demands, and is looking for a dependable, well priced vehicle. Don’t let its low price fool you, though. The Mazda2 has garnered plenty of accolades for its excellent design. The Toyota Yaris is another competitor in the subcompact class. Mazda fans will tell you, though, that for what drivers need from a small call, the Mazda2 is the top pick.

The Mazda2 Wins in Design and Economy

Drivers of compact vehicles love good fuel economy. That’s one of the reasons that they choose the 2013 Mazda2. Both the Mazda2 and Honda Fit run off of a 1.5L Inline 4-cylinder engine, and have comparable horsepower and torque ratings. The Mazda2, though, still comes out ahead with a better fuel rating. Drivers of the Mazda2 can expect a 29/35mpg fuel economy, compared to the 27/33mpg rating on the fit.

People say it’s what’s only on the inside that really counts, but it’s tough to tell that to car people. Like the rest of Mazda’s line up, the 2013 Mazda2 delivers a stunning design, with Mazda’s trademark fascia styling and sleek aero dynamic body design. Next to it, the Fit looks somewhat unrefined. Mazda shows that you can drive a compact and still look cool.

The best part? The base 2013 Mazda2 markets for nearly $800 less than the base 2013 Honda Fit.

Take the Mazda2 for a Test Spin at Cox Mazda!

If you would be interested in seeing the Mazda2 for yourself, stop by Cox Mazda in Bradenton! We’re only a 20 minute drive north from Sarasota! To schedule an appointment or test drive, or explore more about what the Mazda2 has to offer, give us a call! We look forward to speaking with you!