Mazda6 Vs. Honda Accord

The 2013 Mazda6 vs. the 2013 Honda Accord

Just as quickly as the competition began in the midsize sedan class for the car suited best for cruising with the kids along the beaches and bridges of beautiful Sarasota, it has ended with the 2013 Mazda6. At Cox Mazda, we looked closely at the options best suited for Sarasota drivers, and the only thing that comes close is the 2013 Honda Accord. The two vehicles do share some positive similarities, but the differences in style, comfort, space, and handling set these two far apart.

Feature Competition

The 2013 Mazda6 stands far out from the rest of our new inventory, and turns heads early on in our competition as it struts in sporting a practical yet aggressively sculpted and sleek body style, allowing it to stand out next to the stockier 2013 Honda Accord. Interior space is improved for 2013 as it offers more room in the back seat to create an even more comfortable family ride. Worried about cargo space for diaper bags, beach toys, and groceries? The 2013 Mazda also offers an impressive cargo volume of 16.6 cubic feet over the Accord’s smaller sized 14.7. More space is most definitely an important factor for today’s on-the-go family.

Another important factor for today’s busy family is the ability to maneuver your vehicle in and out of tight spaces. From finding a spot on the beach to grabbing one the school parking lot, and even switching lanes on the busy roadways, the Mazda 6 zips into the places you want to slide into with its small turning radius. Sadly for the Accord, this gift of agility isn’t near as impressive.

Meet Our Winner

Cox Mazda is proud to announce the 2013 Mazda6 as our winner in the midsize sedan class. Sharply dressed, created for comfort, space, and agile driving dynamics, this sedan offers our Sarasota families a practical and fun-to-drive vehicle. Stop in today to meet our award winning 2013 Mazda6 and take it for a spin along the coastline. For more information about our large selection of inventory or to meet the Cox Mazda family, we invite you to check us out today on our Google+ page. We truly look forward to meeting you and to the opportunity of serving your family.