Mazda3 5-Door Vs Honda Civic

The 2012 Mazda3 5-door vs. the 2012 Honda Civic

If you find yourself in the market for a superbly reliable hatchback, visit Cox Auto near St. Petersburg for the 5-door 2012 Mazda3. Everything changed for the Mazda3 in 2012, including the addition of a new, high-efficiency engine that increased the fuel economy beyond previous models to an impressive EPA-estimated 38 mpg on the highway as well as adding a sense of style for the modern driver. These and many other changes put it on a level all its own, easily outclassing similar vehicles.

The Mazda3 Outperforms the Civic Across the Board

Your Mazda dealer near St. Petersburg will be glad to count the ways in which the latest Honda Civic cannot hope to compare to the latest model Mazda3.

Under the hood, the Mazda3 has a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that, at 155 hp and 148 ft-lb of torque, outguns and outclasses the 2012 Civic’s 1.8L 4-cylinder that only manages 140 hp and 128 lb-ft. And with the Mazda, you can enjoy the control of a six-speed manual transmission instead of feeling constrained by Honda’s default 5-speed automatic.

You’ll find yourself stopping for gas less often in your sleek Mazda hatchback, with a fuel tank nearly 10% larger than the competition’s.

Electronic options unfold when you switch from looking at the 2012 Civic to the latest model Mazda3, which has both a CD changer and navigation system as options, features Honda doesn’t even offer.

Get yourself more leg room and more storage by leaving the Civic’s disappointingly small size, including only 12.5 cubic feet of storage space to the Mazda3’s 17.0 cubic feet.

Finally, there’s the issue of price. With an MSRP of $19,300, the Mazda3 is more affordable than the $20,655 priced Civic. Wven when similarly equipped, the Civic will still run $1,350 more expensive than the clearly superior Mazda.

Don’t Just Trust us, Come Down for a Test Drive Today

You shouldn’t just take what we say as gospel, though, we have such faith in this latest model Mazda that we are convinced you will agree that it puts the Civic to shame. So stop on by at your convenience and sit yourself behind the wheel of one of 2012’s most comfortable, reliable automobiles.