Mazda3 vs. Nissan Versa Sedan

The 2013 Mazda3 vs. The 2013 Nissan Versa Sedan

When drivers in the Tampa area are shopping for a new car for their family, it’s important to research all possible models that could meet your needs. The 2013 Mazda3 has become a top choice here at Cox Mazda in Bradenton because of its safety features, peppy engine, interior space, and great gas mileage. Mazda’s commitment to safety and performance have lead the small sedan class, but shoppers looking to make an investment in a new car need to see how it stacks up to similar models. Competition in this market is tight, and the Nissan Versa Sedan is a close contender, but doesn’t quite stack up to what today’s family needs. Don’t believe us? Take a closer look.

Speed and Power: Important Considerations

When slowly driving through a residential area at the speed limit, it’s difficult to see the differences in the speed and power pulsing through an engine. So when shoppers are looking to compare the differences between the new Mazda3 and the new Nissan Versa, it’s important to look at the tests done by the experts.

Consumer Reports tested the automatic versions of the Mazda3 and the Nissan Versa. They found that the Mazda3i SV outperformed the Nissan Versa Sedan in a huge list of categories. What you’ll find people talking about the most is the Mazda3’s 0 to 60 mph in 9.4 seconds beating out the Nissan Versa Sedan’s 10.6 seconds. The Mazda3 also performed the quarter mile in 17.2 seconds, hitting 83.4 mph, while the Nissan Versa took 18.1 seconds and only topped out at 79.6 mph.

This means that the Mazda3i SV Sedan’s 148 hp definitely outperforms the Nissan Versa Sedan’s 109 hp in a lot more ways than just pure power — it’s superior engineering all around.

Never Compromise on Safety

Safety is one of the biggest considerations of anyone shopping for a car, whether they’re concerned about their self or their family and friends. Nissan, on occasion, is known to have a vehicle here or there on the IIHS Top Safety Pick list, but the Nissan Versa Sedan is not. The Mazda3 is on the IIHS Top Safety Pick list, and many more, including:

Mazda3 awards:

  • Consumer Report’s “Recommendation”
  • Kiplinger’s “Best New Car” award and “Top Safety Pick” award
  • Car and Driver’s “Top Ten” award
  • Automobile Magazine’s “All Star” award

Test Drive the Mazda3 in Bradenton

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