Mazda5 vs. Ford Explorer

The 2013 Mazda5 vs. The 2013 Ford Explorer

Tampa area drivers in need of a vehicle that’s perfect for a family on the go should check out the 2013 Mazda5 at Cox Mazda in Bradenton. The Mazda5 is not your typical minivan. It has powerful performance, a stylish exterior, and a roomy interior while managing not to compromise on fuel economy. Named Autobytel’s “2013 Minivan of the Year”, the 2013 Mazda5 has many advantages over its competitors — just look at how it compares to its family-friendly rival: the 2013 Ford Explorer SUV.

Superior Engineering

The new Mazda5 shines over the Ford Explorer in both durability and gas mileage, a testament to its superior engineering. According to Consumer Reports, it is estimated that the reliability of the Mazda5 will be 58% better than the Ford Explorer 4WD V6, and even more impressively, 95% better than the Ford Explorer 2WD V6. This means you can feel safer behind the wheel of the Mazda5, and won’t have to spend extra cash on service and repairs.

You will also spend less on gas with the Mazda5, which uses regular unleaded gasoline. The Explorer needs premium gasoline to operate as efficiently, which can cost you up to 55 cents more per gallon. With the rising cost of gas prices, every penny counts, and you can save more with the Mazda5.

Additional Reasons to Choose the Mazda5 Over the Ford Explorer

  • According to Car and Driver test results, the Mazda5 goes from 70 mph to 0 mph in 172 feet, compared to the 174 ft. needed to stop the Explorer from the same speed. This can be very important when attempting to avoid a collision.
  • According to Kiplinger’s, the Mazda5 is estimated to retain 53% of its original value compared to between 48 and 50% for the Ford Explorer after 2 years. This will save drivers even more money if they decide to sell the vehicle a few years down the road, and illustrates how well Mazda engineering holds up over time.
  • The Mazda5 is recommended by Consumer Reports for reliability, safety, and performance. Consumer Reports did not recommend the Ford Explorer at all.

Test Drive the Mazda5 Today!

The Mazda5 redefines what a minivan should be — its sleek, stylish, and loaded with safety features, which makes it a perfect choice for families. As you saw, it tops the Ford Explorer in several important categories, showing that it can compete with SUVs as well. Visit our dealership at 3101 Cortez Road W, located about an hour south of Tampa, and check out the Mazda5 today!