Used Mazda MX-5 Miata

Discover a Used Mazda MX-5 Miata at Cox Mazda in Bradenton

We make it a priority to let Bradenton and Tampa sports car enthusiasts know about the benefits of driving a used Mazda MX-5 Miata whenever they visit Cox Mazda. As your Tampa-area Mazda dealer, we are proud to offer the full line of Mazda vehicles, but we also carry a diverse selection of used vehicles—often including Mazda vehicles like the Miata.

This affordable and stylish sports car truly changes the game, giving drivers access to a great looking car that doesn’t break the bank. And a used MX-5 Miata—some of which are equipped with fantastic Miata body kits—offers even more savings. We’ve got a rundown of some recent models for you so you can know what to expect when it comes to our used Miata inventory.

Third Generation MX-5 (2006 – Present)

The 2013 MX-5 received a notable update in the form of new features, a coordinated silver and black interior that matched both the soft and hard tops on the vehicle and adding on a more aggressive front end. Drivers also had the option of a tan luxury interior option.

Other models in the third generation included quite a few improvements over the second-gen models, such as a stiffer and overall more sophisticated chassis, a souped up engine, and more room in a refined interior.

A 166-hp engine was found in the early third-gen models, and drivers had as many as six trim levels to choose from, ensuring that you’ll likely find a used Miata that offers the features and amenities you desire.

Second Generation Miatas (1999 – 2005)

One of the most noticeable differences between these two generations will be the obvious one: second-gen models will not likely have the modern technology of third generation models.

That said, since they are a bit older, they often also have a lower price tag while still retaining all of the class that’s come to define the Miata. A 140-hp 1.8L 4-cylinder with 5-speed manual transmission kicked off this generation of the vehicle, although later models received tweaks that kicked the power up just a bit more (2004 included a turbocharged model with 178 hp for example).

Some top-of-the-line amenities that were available include Bose stereo systems and leather upholstery.

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While the average used Mazda MX-5 Miata doesn’t stay on our lot for very long, when we do get them in, we do our best to make sure they end up in the garages of loving owners like yourself. If you’re looking for a used Miata, contact the sales experts at Cox Mazda and let us know. If we have any in stock, you should come and take one for a spin before someone else does.