2012 Mazda Miata MX 5 (3)
Hello Gulf Gate Estates!

Gulf Gate Estates Drivers: Choose Cox Mazda for Reliable Used Cars

Are you looking around for a car dealership near Gulf Gate Estates with a large selection of used car? Cox Mazda of Bradenton is just a half-hour drive north, and while we clearly carry the latest Mazda vehicles, we also have a wide range of used cars to choose from. Choose your next car from among used vehicles from Mazda, Chevrolet, Ford, and more. To reach us from Gulf Gates Estates:

  • Take US-41 North
  • Take a slight right onto South Washington Boulevard
  • Turn left onto Fruitville Road
  • Turn right onto US-41 North
  • Turn left onto 53rd Ave West
  • Turn right onto 34th St West
  • Make a final right on 44th Ave West/Cortez Rd West where we’re located at 3101 Cortez Road

Affordable and Reliable Used Cars

One of the most common reasons we hear drivers at our Sarasota-are used car dealer tell us that they want to purchase a used car instead of a brand new one is the savings. The fact is pre-owned cars come in at a lower price because they have just a bit of wear on them, but many people fear this means there could be something unexpected lurking, waiting to go wrong after they drive off the lot.

That uncertainty is why we offer Auto Check vehicle history reports on our pre-owned models, letting you know everything you could want about the history of your car including that there are not any issues with the title or major past accidents. Once the worry is out of the way, know that not only do you get incredible savings by buying one of our used cars, but you also can find great variety, as we carry vehicles of all makes and models, spanning vehicle types from small fuel-efficient sedans to work-ready pickups.

Discover a Used Car Dealer You Can Trust at Cox Mazda

There are stereotypes about both used cars and used car dealers that, sadly, were once well-earned. They seem to have stuck around no matter how hard we work to counteract them here at Cox Mazda, and we want to assure you that you can trust our pre-owned vehicles. Of course, the best way to do that is to take one for a test drive, so come on down from Gulf Gate Estates, and visit Cox Mazda today to see which used car feels right for you.