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    Explore Our MAZDA Specials in Bradenton

    Choosing and financing your next vehicle can be a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to the rotating Cox Mazda new vehicle specials, Sarasota drivers can find a MAZDA6 or MAZDA CX-9 for a price that won’t over-stretch their budget. If you have any questions about our new vehicle deals or new vehicle inventory, reach out to our team at your convenience. While you’re here, however, take a moment to read about the benefits of leasing vs. financing to start thinking about which financial path is right for you!

    Leasing vs. Financing New Vehicle Deals

    If you’re considering our Cox Mazda new vehicle specials in greater Tampa, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is to determine whether you prefer to lease or finance Mazda specials in Bradenton. Take a moment to explore their differences below:

    • Leasing: When you lease, you rent your vehicle for what is usually a 3-year term. Because you’re only paying the value you use over that period, you’ll make smaller monthly payments, put less money down, and pay less sales tax than you would if you were to finance your vehicle.
    • Financing: When you finance, you take out a loan on the full value of a vehicle with the intention of one day owning it. Financing is actually the most cost-effective strategy because you retain the right to sell the vehicle, and you’ll make back several thousands of dollars that you invested in the form of your monthly payments. That said, it requires higher start-up costs (larger down payment and more sales tax) and bigger monthly payments.

    Test Drive Our MAZDA Specials in Bradenton, FL

    After you’ve taken a look at our new vehicle specials online, book an appointment to test drive Cox Mazda new vehicle specials near Sarasota by calling (941) 749-2790. Our team will walk you through the car-buying process and help you navigate our new vehicle deals, so you can get a model that’s perfect for your needs and your budget. Feel free to apply for financing in advance or estimate your monthly payments with our auto finance calculator!

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