Returning a Leased Car to Cox Mazda: Your Options



You’ve leased a car and have enjoyed driving around Tampa or Sarasota with a stylish new Mazda and a low monthly payment, but what do you do when returning a leased car? Cox Mazda is here to help. You have three options when returning your leased vehicle to our Bradenton dealership: turn your vehicle in toward a new lease or purchase, purchase your leased vehicle, or just return your leased vehicle.

Exchanging Toward a New Vehicle

One of the best parts about leasing a vehicle is knowing your car is one of the newest and most dependable on the road. If you plan to stick with Mazda, we make it easy: find your next vehicle among our new Mazda vehicles and drive away behind the wheel. We can either sign you up for a lease or set you up with financing to own.

Here’s how easy it is:

  • Make an appointment with Cox Mazda.
  • Find the new Mazda that’s right for you.
  • Structure your new purchase or lease to incorporate the return of your leased car.

Purchasing Your Leased Car

You’ve leased a car to try it out, to get a feel for whether it’s right for you, and now you know that it’s the car you’d like to drive for years to come. Whether that’s the day after you sign your lease or the day you’re destined to return the vehicle to our showroom, we’re excited for you to call your Mazda yours… for good.

Be sure to talk with one of our finance counselors about purchasing your leased car, and remember that you can apply for financing to make up for the difference between your lease agreement and the purchase price.

Returning Your Leased Mazda

While we’re confident there’s a new or used vehicle at Cox Mazda for nearly any driver, we also know that for some drivers, returning a leased car is the end of the line. Once your agreement is up, simply return the vehicle to us for one final inspection before saying goodbye to it. Remember any extra keys, the owner’s manual, and any accessories.

Learn More at Cox Mazda

Are you not sure whether you want to buy your leased Mazda, return it and apply any credits toward a new vehicle, or simply turn it in? We can go over all of your options at Cox Mazda. When you need to return a leased car to us, just contact us online or by phone at (888) 260-1691. You can also drop by our showroom at 3101 Cortez Road West in Bradenton, just a short drive for Sarasota and Tampa.

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