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We work to make everything easy at Cox Mazda, so we’re here to break down the lease inspection process when it’s time to return your leased Mazda. Sarasota and Tampa drivers need only visit our showroom in Bradenton and hand over the keys, but we want you to know what you can do to for a clean transfer and what we’re looking for when we inspect your vehicle at the end of its lease.

Your Lease Return Inspection

When you bring your gently used Mazda to us at the end of your lease, a member of our team will review its condition and identify any areas of excessive wear and tear, complete with a condition report that itemizes it all.

After we inspect your vehicle, we can suggest possible repairs that could reduce out-of-pocket costs from the wear and tear that is in excess of the lease agreement – and rather than running off to a corner mechanic to try to get them fixed, we will even help you find out what might be covered under the vehicle’s warranty.

Once your vehicle has been returned to the dealership and the lease agreement concluded, we’ll provide you with a receipt for your records. This receipt confirms that the lease agreement has ended and any balance has been settled.

A Sampling of Our Inspection Checklist

While we don’t have the space to give you a full breakdown of every item on the list, here’s a quick look at some of the major items we look for during the inspection:

  • All key fobs and keys

  • Any removable seating

  • Owner’s manual

  • Original manufacturer wheels

  • Other accessories that were included in the lease package

In addition to making sure this is all there, we recommend a thorough cleaning of the car, inside and out. And be sure not to leave any tollway tags, garage door openers, parking passes, or sunglasses.

Learn More at Cox Mazda

If you want to learn more about the lease inspection process or need to schedule your return, contact Cox Mazda online or by phone at (888) 260-1691. Our location at 3101 Cortez Road West in Bradenton gives Tampa and Sarasota drivers a convenient place to drop off or exchange their vehicle when the lease is done.

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