Coming Soon: the 2015 Mazda RX-7?

February 10th, 2014 by

2015 Mazda RX-8Bradenton and Tampa drivers, we have news for you: Mazda is supposedly working on a brand new RX-7. Will it be coming in 2015? How much will it have in common with the previous model? Will it still have a rotary engine? Where can you find out more news? We have answers to at least one of these questions for you, as well as all the latest rumors on the upcoming RX-7.

The Return of the Rotary Engine in 2015?

If you don’t know the big drive of the RX-7, we recommend you check out our analysis of a rotary engine and then come back to us; go on, we’ll wait. So, now you know what makes the rotary engine the incredible piece of engineering it is, is it little surprise that many drivers are anxious to see another RX-7 in production? In fact, it’s the engine that tipped us off.

You see, the RX-7 hasn’t officially announced yet by the folks at Mazda, but they are developing a new 250 hp rotary engine. When combined with the design experts who have been called in to work on the look of a sporty, lightweight, two-seat coupe, we are pretty hopeful.

A Throwback or Something New?

Many drivers are fans of the old RX-7, but more and more evidence is suggesting that Mazda is looking to compete in the current market rather than shoot for nostalgia. We expect there to be some similarities between the new RX-7 and previous models, we would be surprised to see any significant callbacks to the old models. While the current timetable puts the vehicle at a release in 2015, we think it is more likely to be a 2016 model year.

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