3 Favorite Car Video Games

December 8th, 2012 by

Growing up, some of my favorite video games were the ones that centered on cars. I don’t know why, controlling a car at top speed could consume my entire day. Here are three such games I absolutely loved as a kid.

Pole Position by Namco

  • This video game was released in 1982 as an arcade platform. What I remember about this game most is the faux 3D graphics, wide racing lane, and the orange triangles in the logo.
  • It was a single player racing game that resembled the Fuji Racetrack Circuit. It had time trial levels, which made the game more suspenseful and encouraged more controller-throwing (maybe that was just me!).
  • Fun fact: Pole Position basically introduced the whole advertising within a video game idea, placing real brands on billboards.

Twisted Metal by SingleTrac

  • First released in 1995, it is the longest running Playstation-exclusive franchise. The idea is basically a demolition derby, where the main focus is to blow up other cars in the arena.
  • You may remember the main character of the series, the killer clown who drove the ice cream truck. This seems to be one of the favorite vehicles to choose from, in that it was incredibly creepy and awesome. I was a fan.

Grand Theft Auto IV by Rockstar

  • Even though the main part of the game was actual missions, the name of the series is based on one thing: stealing cars. So, naturally, my favorite part was to drive around and find cars to steal. The graphics on the cars were amazingly detailed, along with the fictionalized Liberty City, for being released in 2001.
  • It had everything good that should be in a video game, which is why it has won a lot of awards and still is going strong today. There’s action, plot, racing, and an amazing soundtrack.