Accessories for Your Mazda Vehicle

December 7th, 2012 by
Splash Guards

Splash Guards

Think that the options for your Mazda stops once you leave the lot? Mazda offers a large variety of post-factory accessories both for the exterior and interior of your vehicle. From helping you on your next sporting adventure to giving your ride a little more flair, accessories are a great way to personalize your ride. Check out what Mazda has to offer.

Exterior Accessories

  • Roof racks. Mazda offers several different roof racks to help you get your equipment where it needs to go. Available options include racks for bicycles, kayaks, surfboards, skis, or snowboards.
  • Cargo box. Adding extra storage space to your vehicle can help to take cargo stress off of the interior. The hard-shelled, roof-mounted cargo box adds 13 cubic feet of space, making way for equipment, luggage, and more. Its aerodynamic shape helps to reduce drag so your fuel economy doesn’t suffer.
  • Wheel locks. Thwart theft with a set of wheel locks. The design makes these virtually tamper proof, setting your mind at ease when street parking.
  • Tailpipe finisher. A chrome finisher is a great and inexpensive way to add some serious flair to your vehicle.
  • Rear bumper guard. Not only does the bumper guard add style with its stainless steel accents, but it also protects your Mazda’s finish while loading and unloading the trunk.
  • Splash guards. Your paint job works to protect what’s underneath. If scraped away by abrasive materials though, your car will quickly begin to rust. Splash guards help to protect your paint by blocking a large amount of debris kicked up by the wheels.

Interior Accessories

  • Floor mats. Different floor mats, including cloth and all-weather, are available to protect your Mazda’s carpet from whatever your shoes may drag in.
  • First aid and roadside assistance kits. Car safety goes beyond Mazda’s standard safety systems. The FDA-compliant First Aid kit contains the materials you need to treat small wounds and injuries. The Roadside Assistance Kit contains a reflective triangle, flashlight, multi-tool and more.
  • Portable navigation device. You’re not lost if you know where you are. Features include turn-by-turn navigation with voice commands, a color display, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.