Handle Your Own Auto Body Repair in Sarasota

March 17th, 2014 by

Auto Body SarasotaLots of people handle their own routine maintenance like oil changes and tuneups. But have you ever considered doing your own body work? For smaller jobs, it is a lot easier than you would expect, and when done correctly, the finished product is indistinguishable from the work done by a professional. The next time you get a dent, ding, or scratch, use this simple guide to fix it yourself. And for the big stuff, you can always turn to our Sarasota-area auto body shop.

Fixing Rust Damage

The sooner you address the appearance of rust, the better. Using an electric grinder, grind away the rust on both sides of the metal panel where it has appeared. Then spray the area with a self-etching primer that will seal it from further rust damage. When it is dry, paint the area with a normal primer and your preferred paint. If the rust damage is so bad it has formed holes in your metal panels, you will need to come to Cox Mazda for a replacement.

Removing Dents and Dings

Visit your local auto parts store, and ask where the auto body tools are located. If you have just a shallow ding with no damage to the paint, ask for a paintless dent removing kit. These feature a powerful suction cup that allows you to repair the dent with your own strength. If you have a larger dent, ask for a dent pulling kit. You will also need an electric drill. Follow the included instructions, and be sure to have body filler on hand to fill in the holes you make.

Refinishing Your Car

Refinishing is the final step in the auto body process, and while it can be delicate, it is entirely within your abilities if you work carefully. Once all your dents and dings have been sanded down so that they are flush with the car, apply two thin coats of primer to the area with a spray gun. When the primer is dry, sand the area with a long sanding block and 120 grit sandpaper. Wipe the area with grease remover and then apply three coats of paint with 30 minutes dry time between each. Finish with three coats of clear coat with the same amount of dry time.

For Auto Body Service, Visit Cox Mazda

If you need to tackle a bigger job, or you simply want to let a pro handle your auto body work, your friends at Cox Mazda are always happy to help. Our auto body shop at 3101 Cortez Road in Bradenton is equipped to handle any job, no matter how large or how small. We encourage you to try your own repairs, but keep us in mind if you feel you need any assistance.


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