Avoid the Texting Temptation with Tips from Cox Mazda

February 14th, 2013 by

It’s oh so very tempting! You are cruising the highway and traffic comes to a stop. A few minutes staring at the rear end of the car in front of you and your mind begins to wander. Next thing you know, you remember that you heard your text message tone ding a few miles back. Seems like a good time to pull it out and see who’s looking to chat, right? So very tempting! Or better yet, you are cruising along and that lovely little texting sound chirps your way and your curiosity explodes, so you take a quick peak. Your eyes only leave the road for a moment, right?

Here at Cox Mazda in Bradenton, the premier Mazda dealer in the Tampa area, we know how tempting that text tone can be. It’s wickedly worse than AOL’s old chime of “You’ve Got Mail”. However, we also know of the true dangers involved in taking your eyes off of the road, even if just for an instant. For this reason, we would like to offer you a few tips on how to avoid the temptation of texting while driving.

  1. When you slide behind the wheel, hide your phone somewhere you can’t get to it. As the old saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”.
  2. Turn your text notifications off or put your phone on vibrate while in the car. The less you hear your phone, the less it can tempt you to respond.
  3. Designate a texter. Whether you are driving, or someone is carting you around, designate whoever is not behind the wheel to be behind the phone.
  4. Safely pull over to check out what big news might have chimed in if your curiosity needs a fix.
  5. Create an autoresponder text message via an app on your Smartphone that allows you to tell your phone to text back an automated message for you while you are driving.
  6. Purchase a vehicle with SMS text audio delivery and reply hands-free. New models such as the all-new 2014 Mazda6 here at Cox Mazda come with this innovative capability included. SMS allows you to link your phone to your vehicle, and when you receive a text message you may choose to have the system read it aloud, to which you can reply with your voice.

In 2011, 3,331 people were killed on American highways, and an estimated additional 387,000 were injured in motor vehicle accidents that had distracted drivers involved. Please keep our tips mind when out on the road, and, if you’re due for a new car, visit Cox Mazda today to test drive a vehicle with SMS texting capabilities. Drive safely!

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