Strange Car Noises and What They Might Mean

July 30th, 2013 by

Mechanic Fixing Fuel Line LeakAs a kid, you may have laid awake at night, terrified by the strange groans and creaks that your house would make. While most of us have probably outgrown such fears, hearing funny car noises while you’re driving is just about the adult equivalent of “monsters in the closet.” Except this time, your problems might be real.

You certainly spend enough time in your car to know when something isn’t right, whether it be a strange smell, noise, or feeling when you stop. Whenever something seems out of the ordinary, or you’re simply concerned, you should have your car checked out by the experts at Cox Mazda in Bradenton. We continue to be one of the best places in the area to get vehicle service. To make an appointment with our team, feel free to either give us a call or make an appointment online.

What Is That Noise, Anyway?

Here are a few common vehicle problems and their tell-tale sounds:

  • When you accelerate, the exhaust makes a loud roaring noise. You probably have a leak in your exhaust system. This problem can be not only obnoxious, but also quite dangerous. That roar might mean that poisonous carbon monoxide is leaking into your vehicle, which can cause headaches in minor cases and even asphyxiation in serious ones.
  • There’s a tapping or clacking noise coming from the engine. This is usually an indicator that your motor oil levels are low. That means your engine isn’t developing enough oil pressure and vital parts are being left exposed. Check your oil levels, and fill up right away if you are low. Be sure to check for leaks beneath the vehicle, too. If the problem still doesn’t stop after filling up the oil, it might be something more serious, and you should get it checked out.
  • A grinding noise is coming from the brakes. This could be the noise of your brake calipers grinding on the rotors, meaning your brake pads need replacing. Metal grinding on metal is never good for your vehicle, and always leads to expensive repairs. Worn pads also mean your brakes won’t work as well, so if you let the problem go for too long, you might end up in a fender-bender where you’re at fault.

Visit Us in Bradenton for Help Troubleshooting Any Vehicle Noises

Cox Mazda is located at 3101 Cortez Road W. just a quarter of a mile west of Sweetbay Supermarket. We’re also a short drive from many communities in the Sarasota, Tampa, and St. Petersburg areas, making us the perfect location to take care of your regular service.

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