A Checklist for Buying a Used Car in Bradenton, FL

December 12th, 2013 by

Car salesperson demonstrating used automobile to young womanWhen most people shop at used car dealerships in Bradenton, FL, the first thing they think about is price. That is important to consider, but is really just the beginning of the evaluation process. Taking the extra time to thoroughly inspect a used vehicle can help you find a better car and ultimately save you money.

Create a checklist with some of these entries on it, and work your way through it as you look the vehicle over. Take as long as you need to feel comfortable, and don’t hesitate to ask the dealer questions, or to allow you to look at the vehicle privately.


  • Windshield has no cracks
  • Headlights and wiper blades work
  • Free of dents and scratches


  • Tires are all the same size and make
  • The tread is worn evenly
  • An inflated spare, jack, and lug wrench are included


  • No evidence of oil or fluid leaks
  • Battery terminals do not show signs of extreme corrosion
  • Dip stick is free of dark, black oil
  • Exhaust pipe emissions are neither blue or black


  • All gauges work and no warning lights are on
  • Heater and AC work
  • All locks, including the trunk, work
  • All seat belts function properly


  • The vehicle steers straight when braking
  • Brakes do not produce grinding noises
  • Parking brake is functional


  • Vehicle does not shake, vibrate, or drift to one side
  • Steering wheel is free of resistance on turns
  • Turning does not produce a clicking sound


Last, but certainly not least, never purchase a used vehicle from an owner that cannot produce a title. Even if it is a great vehicle at a great price, without the title you may never be able to legally prove ownership.

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