Do You Know When to Change Your Motor Oil?

May 20th, 2013 by

Checking your oilSkipping your vehicle’s recommended oil change date could mean big trouble for your engine. Many drivers don’t know where to find this important information, though. Every vehicle manual comes with a service schedule that lays out when you need to take care of things like oil changes. Following this schedule will help you to keep your vehicle running happily and healthily, as well as avoid many expensive repairs in the future.

How Oil Protects Your Vehicle

Your engine contains a lot of moving parts that create a lot of heat during operation. Oil acts as a lubricant to help cut back on friction, protecting the engine from overheating. It also helps to shield these parts by soaking up debris. Over time, though, your oil becomes so clogged with debris that it can’t perform its job properly. This is when a change is necessary.

Today, many synthetic oils are available. In the past, they may have been considered inferior to conventional motor oil, but today, they do just as good of a job, or even better, than the regular stuff. Some claim that you can go much longer between changes, so the premium price tag may be worth it.

Maintenance Tips

  • After I’m done filling up on gasoline, I like to check my oil level. Even if you don’t experience any leaks, a good portion of your oil can still burn off and needs to be replaced. I like to keep some spare bottles of motor oil in my trunk for these instances. I tend not to use a cardboard box to store them, as oil spills can leak through it. A milk crate double-lined with a garbage bag or a small bucket make great containers.
  • If you keep forgetting the type of oil you need, write it on the frame under the hood with an indelible maker. Writing down the filter type is a good idea, too.
  • Watch out for leaking oil underneath your car. If you see a leak, you should get to the mechanic immediately.

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