Does Car Wax Help? You Bet

May 18th, 2013 by

Washing the car was a favorite pastime of mine as a kid. On hot Saturday afternoons, wearing an old pair of grubby cut-offs and a too-big, handy-me-down tank top, I would break out the hose, the bucket, the sponges, and soap, and wash whichever of my parents cars that happened to be home at the time. The boom box would usually join me out on the driveway as well with a full collection of Beetles and Doors albums on cassettes.

Wax your carIt wasn’t until much later in life that it dawned on me to follow up a car wash with a coat of wax. I’m actually giving myself too much credit; it didn’t dawn on me, I was forcefully told to do it by an auto-body technician.

To make a long story short, I had brought my aged minivan into the shop to get a door fixed. After the job was done and money had exchanged hands, the tech asked if I had waxed the car. I scoffed, saying that it was a beater and it wasn’t worth it. He then calmly chided me, explaining the benefits of a good wax, highlighting the fact that you’ve never seen your car look as good as when it has a nice wax coat on it.

The Benefits of Regular Waxes

Like the tech explained to me, there are other benefits to waxing your car other than the purely cosmetic. It’s an important part of your vehicle’s health too. Ignoring wax jobs exposes your car’s paint to all kinds of trouble.

While we don’t really have to worry about road salt down here, there are two other factors that can really do a number on your car’s body: salty ocean air and the sun. Both will slowly damage your paint, leaving unsightly bleached spots, and inlets for rust.

And while the wax option at the automated gas station is good, nothing beats a good hand wax. Don’t worry, though; you really need to only wax your vehicle about once a month. It also means less soap washes, too. If your car gets dirty, simply hit it with the hose. The grime will wash right off the wax coat.

So break out the stereo, the sponges, and the wax, and show off your car’s best side. If you’d ever like to get your car full-on detailed, all you have to do is schedule a service appointment at Cox Mazda.