Don’t Skip the Coolant Flush

May 1st, 2013 by

Regular maintenance is very important to keeping your vehicle alive and well. One of the more often overlooked routines is the coolant flush. Oil changes and brake inspections seem to get all the attention, while the other, seemingly “less important” stuff takes the back burner.

Don’t be mistaken, though: regular coolant flushes are very important to maintaining vehicle health. Skipping them could lead to very expensive repairs in the future. Let’s take a look at why exactly this is, as well as your coolant system in general.

Keeping the Engine Nice and Cool

Engine coolant does exactly what it sounds like: it keeps your engine from overheating. The moving parts in your engine create a lot of friction during operation, and this friction means heat. If not kept in check, the heat would cause the parts to quickly warp and break.

While water is the most effective way to transfer heat away from your engine, the high temperatures would quickly cause it to boil. Coolant is added at a 50:50 ratio and helps to raise the boiling point of water while still keeping its desirable heat transferring traits. Coolant is also known as anti-freeze, because it also lowers the freezing temperature of water.

Despite its good qualities, water has a major drawback: it will cause corrosion overtime in your coolant system. Your liquid coolant has anti-corrosive additives that help to prevent this, but overtime, they become ineffective and it needs to be replaced.

There’s another reason that it’s good to get coolant flushes. Electrolysis is an unintended side effect that can occur in your engine, causing metal pieces to flake off into your coolant system. Flushes help to get this harmful debris out and prevent it from doing damage.

Need Service? Trust Cox Mazda

When was the last time you changed the coolant in your Mazda? For coolant flushes, oil changes, and any other type of service, you can trust the Cox Mazda service department. You can schedule service online or reach the service apartment by phone at (941) 749-2701.