What is Dual-Zone Climate Control?

October 30th, 2015 by

How many times have you been in this situation? You want the car to be one temperature, and the person riding next to you wants it warmer or colder. You either have to fight for control of the air conditioning, or be uncomfortable during the trip.

Available on Every Mazda

It’s a familiar problem, which is why dual-zone climate control has quickly become one the most popular features on today’s new cars, and one that’s available on every new Mazda including the 2016 Mazda6. How it works is simple. Both the driver and passenger have a separate set of climate controls. You either heat or cool the air around you the way you like it, and the person next to you does the same.

Set Your Ideal Temperature

Another noteworthy feature is the climate controls are automatic. That means you simply set your ideal temperature, as does your passenger does, and the system automatically turns on our off to keep your “zone” just the way you like it. That may not seem like a big advantage, but just think of how much time you spend fiddling with your temperature gauges and knobs when you should have your eyes on the road. In the hot Florida sun, it’s surely a constant problem.

Mazda has taken things a step further by adding rear vents to most of the models. That way, backseat passengers don’t have to wait for cool air to drift back to them; they get it as soon as you do. When you have cranky kids and hot upholstery to deal with, this proves beneficial.

Try Out Dual-Zone Climate Control at Cox Mazda

Dual-zone climate control has been designed to make your driving experience easier and more comfortable. When you first tinker with the controls, they may seem confusing. But once you figure it out, you’ll quickly see how climate control transforms your ride. You will find this amenity on higher level trims of every current Mazda model. Experiment with the system first-hand at Cox Mazda serving Bradenton, Tampa, and Sarasota.