Tips for Entertaining the Kids on Long Trips in Your Mazda

September 6th, 2012 by

As your Mazda dealership near Sarasota, Cox Mazda has seen families of all shapes and sizes come onto our lot and then leave in a new vehicle, and one thing that seems to connect them all is the talk of a road trip or family vacation.

The family road trip has long been a part of the traditional American family experience, to the point that it’s been parodied in classic films such as National Lampoon’s Vacation and its sequels. What makes these films resonate so well is how similar they can be to real life, like how a pleasant trip can become a nightmare if your kids get bored.

Stave off Boredom With Driving Games

Family in Car

Fun car games for your kids

We’ve got a list of some car games you can play with your kids to keep them entertained while you’re driving across the country in your new Mazda. For kids ages four and up, we recommend either the telephone game or twenty questions.

In the telephone game, one person whispers a story to another person, who then has to retell the story to another person, and so on, until everyone’s heard the story. By the time you hit the end, the story has usually transformed into a surreal tale that will have everyone laughing.

Twenty questions is the classic game of deduction. One person picks an object, say an animal or vegetable, and the others in the car can ask 20 yes-or-no questions to formulate a guess.

For kids a bit older, there’s the alphabet game, which works best with just two players. Each one takes a side of the car and names off things that they see that start with the letter of the alphabet, starting with “A,” then going to “B,” and so on, with the first person to reach “Z” winning.

Older kids might think that car games are a bit corny, and they can be once you reach a certain age, but they’re still something that will keep your kids’ minds busy rather than bored.

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