Explore Financing at Cox Mazda

September 21st, 2012 by
Learn about your finance options at Cox Mazda

Learn about your finance options at Cox Mazda

If you’re looking for the right Sarasota-area Mazda dealer to finance your new vehicle, you should definitely check out Cox Mazda in Bradenton. You’ll talk to experts who come from a family of car dealers who have been working in the auto industry for almost a century. Just check out some of the fantastic options available when purchasing from Cox Mazda.

If You’re a Stickler for Safety, Try Nationwide Auto Insurance

If you’re an all-around safe driver and believe that your premiums and deductibles should never go up, especially when you never do anything wrong while behind the wheel, then you should consider looking into Nationwide Insurance’s Vanishing Deductible program:

  • Safe drivers are rewarded for a history and longevity of careful driving. Your deductible is reduced by $100 for every calendar year that you’re involved in no at-fault accidents. You’ll also receive this $100 discount right from the get-go, just as a thank you for being a new customer.
  • You only pay $5 for each car that you choose to add on to this insurance policy.
  • The credit on your deductible is applicable to both not-at-fault and at-fault claims.

Liberty Mutual’s Better Car Replacement Plan

Picture this nightmare: You purchase and finance a brand new Mazda, then total it a few weeks later. However, to some, this is not just a nightmare, it’s a waking reality. Liberty Mutual’s Better Car Replacement Plan is very self-explanatory: if you need your car replaced after a serious accident, you will receive a better car as a replacement. This is an enormously beneficial plan for people who are financing their vehicles because:

  • It’s 100% preventative. If you buy this plan, you’re fully covered in the event of an accident that wrecks your car. Consider yourself absolutely worry-free.
  • It sidesteps the problem of value depreciation. The car you get in place of the wrecked one will be 1 full year newer and will have 15,000 fewer miles.

Apply for Financing Online at Cox Mazda

To find out more about available financing options, check out our website to apply for financing through Cox Mazda today. All you’ll have to do is fill in the appropriate fields so that the representative who calls you back can be prepared with all of the relevant information. Enjoy your new vehicle today!