Learn About Auto Financing with Cox Mazda

August 30th, 2012 by

There are plenty of car dealers in the Bradenton, FL area, but there’s only one Cox Mazda. One of the reasons that drivers in the area continually choose us for their automotive sales and service needs is the fact that we do it all. As a full-service dealership, we’re delighted to be able to extend financing offers to our customers in addition to all the other services we provide. We have a great relationship with all the local lending institutions and one of our finance experts will happily speak with you about the options you have for getting behind the wheel of your next vehicle. That being said, here are some basics of auto financing.

Auto Finance Basics

Finance your next vehicle with Cox Mazda

Finance your next vehicle with Cox Mazda

Fist of all, you’re going to want to consider whether you’re going to buy or lease. Leasing can be good option if you don’t plan on having the car for an especially long time or if you’re worried about selling the vehicle after you’re done with it — after all, new cars are known for have value that depreciates quite quickly. With that said, nothing beats ownership, and there are a few options.

For starters, if you can afford to pay the cost of the vehicle up front, do that — paying in cash will save you a great deal of money. Of course, that’s not feasible for most drivers, so going with a loan will have to do. Consider the fact that you can get a loan through the dealership, from banks or credit unions, and other financial institutions, you should shop to try to find the lowest-APR loan you can get.

There are other things to consider about your loan besides the APR, though, like money down and monthly payment. The larger the down payment and shorter the finance period, them more money you’ll save. Your monthly payment is determined by the amount of the loan, the APR, and what you put down. We’ll be more than happy to answer these questions when you visit Cox Mazda.

Choose Cox Mazda as Your Dealership

So remember: among car dealers in Bradenton, FL, one stands above the rest: Cox Mazda. We have a huge selection of new and used vehicles, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the financing process, so come see us today!