Get Your Wipers Ready for the Rainy Season

May 4th, 2013 by

Windshield Wipers in RainWindshield wipers are an important vehicle safety system many people often overlook when they think about service. I’ve been caught in too many a rain storm where I’ve gone to flip my windshield wipers on only to have them do no good whatsoever. In some instances, they’ve even made things worse.

This often happens because the blades on the wipers have gone bad. Since we’re in the midst of a rainy spring, it’s important you take a good look at your wiper blades and make sure they’re in good shape. Don’t worry; they’re cheap to replace and can be done outside of the shop at your home.

Your Blades and the Sun

The thin, rubber edge on the blade gives it the ability to wick away moisture from your windshield, much like a squeegee does on a window. Overtime, though, this rubber edge loses its ability to conform to the shape of your windshield. What’s the culprit? That burning ball of hydrogen gas up in the sky: the Sun.

The energy from the sun slowly dries out the wiper blade, causing it to become brittle and crack. While running your finger along the edge of a new blade feels smooth and bouncy, and old blade feels somewhat crunchy and very immobile.

Replacing Windshield Wiper Blades

Parking in the shade or in a garage may help your blades stay cool and hydrated as long as possible, but inevitably, they will need to be changed. Most wiper arms are somewhat similar in construction, and the old blade, including the rubber edge and the plastic bits, will come off relatively easily. Simply replace them with the new ones. You should find instructions on the blade box on how to install them according the type of wiper arm you have.

Cox Mazda in Bradenton Can Help

If you need help finding a blade that works for you, or are uncomfortable replacing them, feel free to stop by the dealership. Our team will help you out; that’s the Cox promise. Feel free to give us a call with any questions, or schedule a service appointment online. If you’re low on wiper fluid, be sure to pick some up, too! No one wants to be stuck on the road, unable to see through a grimy windshield.