How to Receive and Send a Text Message from Your Car

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Most of us lead very busy lives, and our phones help us to stay organized and connected to the people that mean the most to us throughout the day. Mazda makes that task easier thanks to the onboard SMS messaging feature available on the 2016 Mazda6. This feature allows Palmetto and Memphis drivers to receive and respond to messages without putting other drivers at risk due to distracted driving, which according to the NHTSA was responsible for 3,154 automotive fatalities in 2013 alone. Mazda makes it simple to understand and use, making it safer to stay connected on the road.

Text-Messaging in Your Car

Once you’ve paired your compatible phone to the Mazda6, it’s easy to send and receive text messages via the onboard SMS text messaging feature available on all trim levels. This feature will not only receive the text message, but will read it aloud to you also. If you choose, you can then respond to the sender using one of the 16 pre-programmed messages in the communications center of the Mazda’s connectivity system. Simply use the dial on the command control to select from the available options, check the 7-inch touchscreen display on the dash to verify that you have the information you need, and send.

The feature is quick, simple to use, and allows you to continue driving without taking your attention off the road or worrying that you have missed a vital message while driving.

Other Innovative 2016 Mazda6 Safety Features

The Mazda6 offers a long list of additional safety features designed to prevent accidents and keep cabin occupants safe:

  • Superior Construction – The innovative SKYACTIV®-Body construction provides a lighter, more rigid framework with fewer curves. This creates a stronger framework that holds up better in a collision.
  • Advanced Technology – The Mazda6 is equipped with a standard rearview camera, as well as optional features like Blind-spot Monitoring, Rear Cross-traffic Alert, E911 which can contact emergency services on your behalf in the event of a collision, and more.
  • Braking and Control – Every Mazda6 trim level is equipped with Anti-lock braking, Traction Control, and Dynamic Stability Control and offers the convenience of Smart City Brake Support on select trims.

Discover the 2016 Mazda6 Safety Features Available to Palmetto and Memphis Drivers at Cox Mazda

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