How to Use Active Drive Settings

November 18th, 2015 by

Mazda has developed plenty of advanced features for their newest models to make them as safe and convenient as possible. One of the most exciting new additions to the more fully loaded trims in the Mazda lineup is the Active Drive Display. Here at Cox Mazda, we’ve received some questions about how to best utilize this system, so here’s a quick rundown of its settings.

What is the Active Driving Display?

The Active Driving Display is Mazda’s heads-up display unit, which allows you to view critical information without taking your eyes off the road. It’s a translucent display unit that pivots to the front of your dash when you start the car and begins to reflect a projected image of key data and features. You will see it while looking out your windshield, and it will provide your current speed, your navigation directions, and the distance until your next turn.

How Can I Change the Settings?

If you want to change the display settings on your Active Drive Display, all you have to do is toggle right on your touchscreen until you arrive at ‘Settings.’ You will then have the option to turn off your Active Drive Display as you please. You will also be able to change the system’s settings for Auto, Day, or Night. In most cases, “Auto” is your best option, since the car is able to tell when it is getting too dark to read. If you ever have a hard time reading the display, you can also manually change the brightness and contrast, or return the system to factory defaults.

Get More Information at Cox Mazda

If you have any questions about how to work your Active Drive Display, all you have to do is contact Cox Mazda, or stop by our dealership during our regular business hours. We’ll gladly help you out!