How Does My Cruise Control Work?

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Cruise control can often ease the tedium of everyday driving, and as an economical feature it can also save you money on the gas bill. Whether you’ve just purchased a new Mazda hatchback, a roadster, or a sedan in Bradenton like the riveting 2016 Mazda6, it is important to be sure you know how this crucial feature of your vehicle functions. Read on to learn more about how to take full advantage of your vehicle’s cruise control system on the Florida roads.

How to Use Cruise Control

Accessible as one of the controls mounted to your steering wheel, cruise control can be activated at the press of a button. Accelerate to your desired speed, then press the “Set” button, so your car knows what speed to automatically maintain.To turn off cruise control, you can either press the “Off” button or touch the brake pedal, returning your car to manual operation and requiring you to physically control the speed of the car with your foot on the gas pedal.

Mazdas Radar Cruise Control

Using a millimeter wave radar, Mazda’s adaptive Radar Cruise Control system judges the relative speed and proximity of your vehicle to the car ahead, adjusting cruise control settings to maintain a safe following distance accordingly. As an advanced feature, Mazda Radar Cruise Control is available on the 2016 Mazda CX-3, the 2016 Mazda CX-5, the 2016 Mazda CX-9, and the 2016 Mazda3. Mazda’s engineers have designed this system to make your vehicle’s cruise control function more like a safety feature, but it also enhances the convenience of cruise control by automatically accelerating and decelerating the car within a set speed range, so you don’t have to reset your cruise control every time the Tampa traffic flow changes its pace.

Test-Drive a Mazda With Radar Cruise Control Near Palmetto and Memphis

If you are having difficulty figuring out how to use your Mazda’s cruise control, having any other problems, or are interested in getting a feel for radar cruise control with some test-drives, feel free to stop by Cox Mazda for some in-person guidance. Located at 3101 Cortez Rd. W. in Bradenton, our dealership would be happy to help you with any questions. You can contact us online or by phone at (941) 749-2790.

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