The New Mazda6, Featuring i-ELOOP Technology

August 29th, 2012 by

Cox Auto, your leading Mazda dealer in Bradenton, is proud to announce the all-new Mazda6 has now gone into production. This completely re-designed iteration of the popular mid-size sedan from Mazda is already getting a lot of attention thanks to its innovative Intelligent Energy Loop system, i-ELOOP, which aims to change the way vehicles use electrical energy. The new Mazda6 will be the first model fitted with the i-ELOOP system, perhaps the most notable improvement made to the new sedan. Let’s take a closer look at how i-ELOOP works and what it can do for you.

How The Intelligent Energy Loop System Works

2012 Mazda6

2012 Mazda6

The main idea behind the innovative i-ELOOP technology is to capture energy lost during braking for use elsewhere in the vehicle. While regenerative braking is common in hybrid vehicles, the all-new Mazda6 is the first non-hybrid to make use of this technology. Regenerative braking is used to recharge the batteries and extend the range of the vehicle; in the Mazda6 this recovered energy will be used to power the electrical components of the vehicle such as the climate control and stereo.

The i-ELOOP system is also different from hybrids because it employs the use of capacitors instead of batteries. Capacitors are superior to batteries in their ability to be charged and discharged very quickly, and have a heightened resistance to deterioration. This means that more energy can be obtained from braking over a battery system. The i-ELOOP system will help remove load from the alternator which in turn will make the vehicle more efficient, about 10% more so according to reports from Mazda.

The system will start to reclaim energy as soon as the driver removes their foot from the accelerator, making it ideal in stop and go situations. The capacitor in use is also capable of being fully charged in a matter of seconds which is a huge improvement over the battery systems used in modern hybrids.

The New Mazda6 Is Coming Soon To Cox Auto

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