The Innovative Rotary Engine Coming Soon From Mazda

December 19th, 2013 by

Renesis 16X EngineThere are lots of features that set Mazda automobiles apart, from their unique styling to their innovative use of driver technologies. However, their commitment to the rotary engine is what makes them something truly different compared to all other automakers. For decades now, Mazda has committed itself to this revolutionary engine design and pushed it beyond its inventor’s wildest expectations.

In recent years, Mazda has scaled back its use of the rotary engine in order to focus on a complete reinvention of the technology. For more than 5 years, Mazda has been developing the 16X RENESIS rotary engine, and the finished product will be revealed soon.

Enhanced Fuel Economy

The rotary engine has always been envisioned as a green technology. The smaller size of the engine and the lack of friction in the piston-less design have a lot to offer in terms of efficiency. The new rotary engine on the way promises to deliver levels of fuel economy never seen before in this kind of motor. While other automakers try to improve clunky old technologies, Mazda is blazing a new path towards energy efficiency.

Maximum Performance

One criticism of the rotary engines of the past is they could not perform at peak capacity when they were driven hard. This was primarily a concern of race car drivers and speed demons, but it still inspired the Mazda engineers to go back to the drawing board. The new 16X engine is designed with a longer stroke in the fuel combustion space to improve torque, reduce emissions, and use oil more efficiently. That means when this engine is pushed to the limit, it can rise to the occasion.

New Models

Rather than trying to integrate this brand-new technology into an existing vehicle, Mazda is designing entirely new models to take advantage of the 16X rotary engine. The details are being kept under wraps until the engine debuts in two years, but you can expect Mazda will put all of their resources behind showing off their latest innovation. New Mazda models will be optimized to take advantage of the capabilities 16X and blaze a trail for the automobiles of the future.

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