Is a Car Wax Really Necessary?

April 5th, 2013 by

Car WaxYou’re at the automated car wash, and you have the option of selecting “wax coat” with your order. It sounds like a fancy, unnecessary add-on more than anything, reserved for dad and his obsession with only giving his car the best. I mean, you’re only there to get the dirt off of your car, right?

Take Care of Your Paint Job

This is how I used to think, at least. I started to think more about my car’s exterior after an auto body technician chided me for not taking better care of my minivan’s coat of paint. He recommended I give it a good hand wash, followed up by a nice hand waxing. “That’ll make her shine like you never seen her before,” he said with a smile and wink.

It’s true: a good wax will make your car look nicer than you ever thought was possible. The procedure is a lot more than simply cosmetic, though. Waxing your car once a month is an important step towards preserving the paint and the underlying body.

Florida Weather Ruins Your Exterior

Living in Florida, there are a wide range of elements that are constantly conspiring against your car. Harmful UV radiation from the sun will slowly destroy your paint, leaving the sheet metal beneath exposed and ready to rust. The salt air off of the ocean will also make quick work of your paint, too. Once rust sets in, it can be both difficult and expensive to combat.

It is funny how just a simple layer of automotive wax can protect against these two menacing elements. Sure, you can choose the automatic wax option at the gas station, or else you can do it yourself. Nothing beats a nice layer of wax applied by hand. Plus, you’re sure to also find the activity extremely relaxing, almost zen. The payoff of getting to see your vehicle shine is well worth the work, too.

What You Need to Wax Your Car

Forget about the wax buffer. Here are a few of the inexpensive items you’ll need to do a proper wax job.

  • A tub of automotive wax.
  • A handful of microfiber rags.
  • Q-tips and cotton swabs for getting the wax cleared from hard to reach places
  • Your favorite albums and a radio

As the hot months approach, maybe devout a few hours this weekend to making your car look great. And if you don’t have time and need a quick wax, feel free to bring you car to our Mazda service department!