Learning the Basics of Auto Maintenance

October 16th, 2012 by

Just because you love the sound of a big-block V8 doesn’t automatically qualify you to care for one. Once you start dealing with the sophisticated computational engine systems of a modern muscle car, or the sensitivities of a 60s-era classic, it’s important you have a bit of a background in auto care so you don’t ruin an otherwise engineering masterpiece. Not to worry — Muscle Car Extreme is here to give a quick run-down on the basics.

Take Care of Your Engine

I mean, this one should be fairly intuitive, but we oftentimes hear confusion about what should be done and when. With the exception of things like oil changes that you should generally monitor yourself — about every 5,000–7,000 miles should be fine for modern engines — almost everything else that can go wrong with your engine is logged and tracked by your vehicle’s engine computer, and it’s smart enough to tell you when something’s wrong.

Generally though, oil and filter changes, transmission and coolant flushes, belt replacements, and transmission systems should all be done at least once a year.

Check Your Tires

These are admittedly easy to forget about, but a serious gearhead should keep them in mind! When you’re putting extreme torque on the road, your tires will wear faster, which means you need to rotate them at least every 6,000 miles to maintain balance and alignment — both of which will not only give you better mileage, but extend the life of your vehicle. Check your psi while you’re at it; once a month for the zealous, and once every three for the merely prudent.

Trust the Professionals

While it’s always tempting to try and do everything yourself, especially in the YouTube age, unless you are 150% sure you know what you’re doing, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. They’re qualified and equipped for disposal and vehicle waste management, and some of the good ones will even help you out by teaching you a thing or too. The service techs at Cox Auto in Bradenton are always good for a lesson in solid auto care. But whoever you see just be sure to get it done — because a powerful muscle car is terrible thing to waste.