Mazda is Working on a Diesel Hybrid Engine

August 20th, 2014 by

Mazda Skyactiv TechnologyRecently Mazda has been actively pushing their SKYACTIV engine technology into their new vehicles. Thanks to Mazda ingenuity, models like the 2015 Mazda6 feature incredible fuel economy and performance. In addition to their gas engines, Mazda is actively pursuing alternative energy solutions. Recently they announced they were working on a Mazda diesel hybrid engine.

The Diesel Hybrid is Coming in 2016

Mazda hasn’t been pushing hybrid technology as much as some automakers, but recently announced they were working on a hybrid version of the Mazda3 compact car. On the heels of that announcement was another revelation: a Mazda diesel hybrid. While the car may only be available in Japan at first, it promises a major step forward for automotive efficiency.

Mazda is Fine Tuning the SKYACTIV-D

Mazda is currently fine-tuning the SKYACTIV-D engine for a North America release, their first American Mazda diesel engine. They want to achieve the perfect balance between efficiency and performance, which as we know doesn’t happen overnight. It’s true that Mazda has delayed its diesel engine, SKYACTIV-D, for North American release. It was slated to come out this spring, and it did meet current emissions standards.

But Mazda felt that the diesel wasn’t up to snuff, because that’s the kind of company we’re dealing with here: one that cares deeply about the quality of its product. So if you’re waiting for a SKYACTIV engine that burns diesel, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer, but don’t worry: it’s sure to be impressive.

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