Mazdaspeed Driver Eric Schuller Takes His Ride to the Next Level

October 22nd, 2012 by

2012 Mazdaspeed3

Cox Mazda is proud to be one of the top Mazda dealerships around Tampa and sell spirited Mazda models, such as the Mazda6 and the CX-9. Owners of Mazdaspeed vehicles are pushing their vehicles to the limit. These drivers choose Mazda because of the strong spirit that lives in the manufacturer’s name. While some drivers prefer a well crafted Mazda sedan or crossover, Mazdaspeed models are designed as high performance machines. Eric Schuller chose a Mazdaspeed3 model for its performance and for its potential. What he did with it, though, and what he ended up with, is undeniably awesome.

Pushing the Mazdaspeed3 to the Limit

Though Mazdaspeed vehicles are engineered to be perfect machines, few performance enthusiasts are complacent driving a vehicle that they didn’t have a hand in crafting. There’s a strong global community of drivers who pride themselves in the “mods: they’ve performed on their vehicles. “Moding” one’s ride is a very personal undertaking, sometimes spiritual, turning it basically into an extension of one’s self. Though this may sound strange to some, for a person who loves with machines, it makes perfect sense.

Schuller focused his upgrades on the 2.3L MZR DSI engine, adding newly forged pistons and rods, as well as a massive cylinder head, with the help of Tork Motorsports. Other work was performed to increase engine airflow. He also boosted the pressure of the fuel injectors to increase performance. At 1,000 psi, the atomized fuel is so fine that it can’t be seen by the naked eye. To balance out the high powered injection system with safety, a Snow Performance water/alcohol injection system was installed to help regulate flow.

For more details as well as a list of Schuller’s full modifications, read Mazda’s article on the project.

Give in to the Mazda Spirit at Cox

Drivers love the performance, handling, and fuel economy that Mazda vehicles have to offer, as well as their incredibly unique designs. If you would be interested in taking a look at what Mazda’s line-up, we invite you to stop by our dealership. Cox Mazda is located in Bradenton, FL just an hour drive south of Tampa. The customer service and selection we offer is worth the trip. You can find directions as well as reviews on our Google+ page.