Restoring the Luster of Your Mazda’s Paint

November 12th, 2012 by

One of the most common problems owners of used vehicles run into is faded paint. This can even occur on new vehicles if you don’t watch your paint carefully enough. Luckily, restoring faded paint is an easy task for most amateur Mazda owners. Follow these basic steps to get your car looking as beautiful as it did the first day you bought it.

Necessary Tools and Preparation

You’re going to need several different tools to restore your paint’s vibrant shine: high quality car soap, a sponge, high quality car polish, wax, towels, chamois, and a hose hooked directly to a water source.

Start by washing the dirt off your car using your soap. Scrub the soap onto the outside of your vehicle as vigorously as you can and let it soak for a few moments. Removing the dirt in this way helps get rid of the muddy, washed out look and removes any bacteria and dirt particles damaging your paint. Wash off the soap with a hose to and dry it using your towels and chamois. Dry in the shade to avoid water spots.

Applying the Polish

Apply the polish to your car using the terry cloth that comes with the polish, using straight strokes over small sections of the car. Don’t scrub hard as you can damage the paint. Apply to polish in sections, working on a particular area of the vehicle at a time. After polishing that area of the vehicle, rinse the polished area before moving on to the next step.

After polishing the entire vehicle, rinse it once more with water to remove any polish that may be lingering. Dry the vehicle and then apply wax with a rag and gently rub in to bring back the excellent shine in your vehicle’s paint. If your vehicle doesn’t look better, consider looking into a professional paint restorer or painter such as Cox Auto Mazda to get your car looking as good as new.