The History of MAZDASPEED

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Cox Auto has proved itself to be Sarasota’s premier car dealership by continuously offering excellent cars and programs for their customers. One of their most revered programs is the MAZDASPEED program, a racing centered program that is designed to make every car in the Mazda line a sporty, competitive car. MAZDASPEED has a long history that owners or those interested in owning Mazda vehicles should learn about to further their understanding of their vehicles.

The Beginnings

MAZDASPEED has its beginning in an independent race team named “Mazda Sports Corner.” This group began at Mazda Auto in Tokyo which was Japan’s largest Mazda dealer. The team loved Mazda vehicles so much that they wanted to create a presence of the vehicles at every motor sports event worldwide. Mazda began working with the team and debuted internationally in Nuerburgring at the “Marathon de la Route.” Mazda came in fourth, illustrating the worth of their vehicles.

Expanding Past Japan

Slowly but surely the team began racing around the world, joining events in the U.S., Japan, and Europe. The scrappy Mazda cars beat the high-powered Porsche cars at the Spa-Francorchamps 24 racing event. As Mazda expanded its excellent inventory of cars, they unveiled the RX-7 in 1978. This car won 100 races in the IMSA over the next 12 years. Mazda was becoming a big name in the racing world, winning dozens of major events over the next few decades.

Mazda Takes Control

In 1999, Mazda took control of MAZDASPEED completely. They use the program to develop race cars, racing parts and high quality vehicles for Mazda and racing enthusiasts. The program has continually expanded through the years including the newer MAZDA6, MAZDA3 and RX-8. All of these cars are racing quality cars offered at fair prices.

What Does MAZDASPEED Mean to Owners and Buyers?

MAZDASPEED is just one more indicator of how much Mazda cares about providing the best quality racing cars for their buyers. Even if you aren’t a racer, Mazda vehicles make excellent vehicles due their power and reliability. If you’re interested in learning more about MAZDASPEED or test-drive availability, call Cox Auto Mazda at 1-888-260-1691. We’re located close to Sarasota in nearby Bradenton and have excellent and convenient operation hours.

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