Tips to Protect Your Car from the Florida Sun

February 7th, 2013 by

A day at the beach in the Florida sun can truly wreak havoc on your tender skin, whether you are a local or a visiting tourist. Here at Cox Mazda in Bradenton, we know that the sun can also have a gruesome affect on your car’s paint as well. Much as the sun’s UV rays and the heat of the day can sincerely fry a beachgoers skin, it can also cause oxidation or premature fading to the paint of their car as well. Mix that with the occasional sea gull droppings and lovely summertime mosquito carcasses on the front hood and grille, and all the sudden your beautiful paint job will be chipped away and your friends will stop asking for rides. Well, maybe it’s not all bad.

To assist you in maintaining the beauty your car has to offer, the service experts at Cox Mazda have put together a few tips to help protect your ride from the sun.

  • Choose covered parking – Choose a covered or sheltered parking place whenever possible. This simple choice can protect your paint as well as your headlights and any rubberized trim. If covered parking isn’t an option, consider a car cover to protect your vehicle.
  • Wash your car regularly – Locate a shady spot to gently wash your car with a soft cotton mitt, bucket of water, and an automotive cleansing agent (never use dish soap!).
  • Dry your car thoroughly – Minerals left behind by water evaporation can damage your vehicle’s paint job. To avoid this, simply dry your car completely with a soft cotton rag or chamois.
  • Wax your ride – In a sense, wax is like a sunscreen for your car in the respect that it can provide a level of protection from the sun’s UV radiation and the scorching elements of direct sunlight and heat. It also works to prevent dirt, sand, insects, and sea gull droppings from paint damage or unwanted scratching.
  • Investigate Paint Protection Options – If you are a do-it-yourself kind of car owner, paint protection film kits can be purchased from your local auto-body shop.

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