What Are Traction and Stability Control Systems in a Mazda?

October 26th, 2015 by

Mazda continues to push the bar with excellent safety features on all of its models, available at our Mazda dealership serving Tampa. These include traction and stability control systems, a network of advanced mechanisms able to recognize when you lose control of by detecting a loss of traction and helping to counteract it. It does so by applying the brakes to specific wheels automatically so the driver can steer more easily.

How to Deactivate the Traction and Stability Control Button

The traction and stability control disable button is located to the left of the steering column and beneath the left driver vent on a small panel with a few other buttons. You can recognize the traction and stability control system disable button by an image of a vehicle with winding tracks behind it and the word “OFF” just below it. In order to disable the system, all you have to do is press the button. When you’re ready to reengage the system, just push the button again or turn the car off and back on again.

Why Would I Want to Disable This System?

That’s a good question. It would seem like a common-sense safety feature that you would always want engaged. However, there are certain instances when you might want to disable the system. For example, if your vehicle is stuck and you want to spin the tires, disengaging traction and stability control would be necessary to make that possible.

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