Cox Mazda in Bradenton is Proud to Meet Your Automotive Needs

September 7th, 2012 by
Turn to Cox Mazda for all of your autmotive needs

Turn to Cox Mazda for all of your autmotive needs

Cox Mazda of Bradenton is proud to offer the latest Mazda vehicles, along with pre-owned models from a variety of automakers; but as a full-service dealership, we can also take care of all of your service and maintenance needs. We’re confident that you’ll find plenty to love with us. Of course, customer service is the watchword of our dealership, and that includes providing advice and even some fun facts.

Car Myths

Mazda drivers of Bradenton have likely fallen victim to at least one auto industry myth, as they’re so prevalent that they’re hard to avoid. Here are a few:

  • “Sugar in the gas tank will destroy your engine.” The myth is that sugar will build up gunk in your engine that clog the fuel lines and damage your carburetor. While it could potentially cause issues, the sugar would have to be added repeatedly to do real damage, as not much of the sugar would even stay in your engine for very long.
  • “Premium gas is always better.” Unless your car is tuned specifically to use premium fuel, then you needn’t bother. Premium gasoline was developed to combat so-called “engine knock,” but this isn’t a problem for most drivers given that modern vehicles are equipped with what’s called a knock sensor to mitigate this issue.
  • “You should let your car warm up in the wintertime.” The fuel injectors equipped in modern vehicles mean that this practice is no longer necessary. Sure, you should give the fluids in the engine time to get moving, but, as a general rule, this takes under a minute in most cases. The only exception is if you have an old vehicle with a carburetor — you’ll want to give it three or four minutes.
  • “Shooting a gas tank will make the car explode.” This is a fun myth that we see in movies. It’s simply untrue. While it’s theoretically possible under ideal conditions, bullets, as a general rule, are not hot enough to ignite gasoline.

Come to Cox Mazda

At Cox Mazda of Bradenton, we pride ourselves on serving you, no matter your vehicle needs. Visit us today to check out our huge inventory of new and used vehicles, and to see everything that we can do for you!