Questions to Ask Used Car Dealers Serving Sarasota

April 15th, 2014 by

used car dealerships in Sarasota

When you visit used car dealers in the Sarasota area like Cox Mazda, you’re going to have a lot options. It can be overwhelming, but remember your goal is to find a great car that meets your needs. To do that, there are some key questions to ask the dealership about each model.

What Features Come With the Car?

At our Sarasota-area car dealership, we include all the features of each particular model on our website; however, you should always double check when physically in front of the car. Ask about the features and take a look at each one. A dealership might have made a mistake in the listing and some might not be exactly what you had in mind.

What is the Condition of the Vehicle?

You want to start with asking about the condition very broadly to see what the dealer says about the vehicle. They may talk about something you might not have thought of or let something slip. Follow up with more specific questions if they did not bring them up.

Has the Car Ever Been in an Accident?

Thanks to vehicle history reports, it’s easy to determine if a car has ever been in a crash. If the car has been in a crash, you want to know what kind of damage has been done, how much the repairs were, and where they were performed. A fender bender shouldn’t post much concern, but extreme auto body work might be a cause for concern.

Has the Car Ever Been Recalled?

Recalls aren’t uncommon in the car world. Problems can range from a faulty cup holder to substantial engine problems. All car dealerships have access to service recalls. You want to know what the problem was and if the work has been done. Sometimes a car owner might not get the memo.

Are There Service Records?

Many dealerships will receive service records from the previous owner, but any maintenance performed by a legitimate mechanic will be recorded in a car’s vehicle history report. If it doesn’t seem like the car has been well cared for, then be weary.