Utilizing Social Platforms to Buy or Sell a Vehicle

October 19th, 2012 by
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Using social media to buy or sell your vehicle

In today’s world, social media is king. People interact on Facebook with whom, in the pre-Facebook world, they wouldn’t keep in touch. People who see each other every day still use Facebook chat. Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and other such services have fundamentally changed the way that people interact with one another. Suffice to say that many businesses have been leveraging the different forms of social media to connect with their customers, and Cox Auto, a top auto dealer in Bradenton, FL, has offered some tips on how to use these platforms to buy or sell a vehicle.

Traditional print advertisement has lost a lot of its luster, especially in the automotive world. People want to see the vehicle in action and in different contexts, and social media is a great way to show customers exactly what they’re craving. With social media platforms, prospective buyers can essentially be given a tour of the vehicle in question, offering perspectives that print ads can’t match.

Those who are leveraging social media to sell a vehicle need to keep a few things in mind. First, all of the provided information about the vehicle needs to be correct — if it’s otherwise and the vehicle sells, the seller will be open to bait-and-switch claims. On the other hand, too much information is a bad idea — if there’s too much, many people will just skip over it. Try to strike a balance, and don’t barrage people with tweets and messages, either.

And since interaction is the watchword of all social media, sellers can even provide pictures by request for potential buyers, in addition to answering any questions. Further, this interactivity builds trust between parties.

Social media is just as much of a boon to potential car-buyers as it is to sellers, though. It allows buyers to get a variety of perspectives on the car, truck, or SUV in question, and if a listing is lacking certain information, the seller can just ask — that’s not possible with a traditional print advertisement. Personalization, in other words, is the key to selling a vehicle with social media, and everyone benefits from that.

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