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Sarasota, FLAs you make your list of things to do in Tampa and Sarasota, be sure not to overlook one of Central Florida’s cultural Meccas. Art Center Sarasota is a world-class institution that is home to works by renowned local, regional, national, and international artists. Everything from the building, to the grounds, to the amazing pieces that populate the galleries has been designed with a careful eye for aesthetics. If you are in the area, Art Center Sarasota is not to be missed.


Art Center Sarasota has a small permanent collection, but the majority of its gallery space is given over to an eclectic mix of temporary and special exhibitions. These might feature the work of a single artist, pieces that all use the same medium or subject matter, explorations of a theme, or something more abstract. Art Center Sarasota relies on the careful efforts of dedicated curators that have a keen eye for the enduring works of the past and the emerging works of the future. Recent exhibitions have included a sound and light installation, CUBEMUSIC, by artist Craig Colorusso, and a group show of promising Israeli artists.

Black Box Projects

Black Box Projects are given their own gallery space and are designed to foster and highlight the work of local art students. These artists-in-training are given a rare opportunity to participate in the gallery selection process, and then display their works in front of thousands of curious viewers. This unique project offers a rare opportunity to experience the work of the next generation of great artists.

Sam and Sally Shapiro Sculpture Garden

A large portion Art Center Sarasota’s outdoor grounds serves as an exhibition space for local sculptors. This carefully designed and manicured space features gorgeous flora in an artfully landscaped setting as well as bold and challenging works from artists like Saul Howard, John Dehn, Jack Dowd, and many others. This is a beautiful space to tour and enjoy when the weather is nice.

Special Events

Art Center Sarasota has a full calendar of special events that range from performances, to lectures, to special displays. These events allow visitors to experience and even participate in an exciting variety of artistic endeavors. If you are in the area, be sure to check out what is going on during your visit.

Add Art to Your Itinerary

Art Center Sarasota is located right on the water and is surrounded by other cultural attractions like the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. Better still, admission is always free for all. Experience the vibrant local artistic community that uses Art Center Sarasota as a place to meet, discuss, display, and celebrate.

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