What is Skyactiv Technology?

February 28th, 2014 by

Mazda enginesThe short answer is Skyactiv technology is a revolutionary suite of automotive innovations that Mazda engineers have developed to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s drivers. That gets to the heart of it, but it doesn’t really tell you what makes Skyactiv technology so many miles beyond anything else on the road right now. Reports indicate Mazda is hard at work on an upgrade to their singular technology, and the first details should be available soon. We thought we would use the occasion to show you how the current generation of Skyactiv technology works.


Skyactiv G gasoline engines are ultra-efficient internal combustion engines that offer distinct advantages over hybrids. These engines produce more low and mid range torque while also cutting down on emissions. Thanks to weight and friction reductions, an advanced direct injection fuel system, and a new type of piston cavity, Skyactiv engines do things that similar engines can’t


Skyactiv automatic transmissions combine the best features of several different transmissions systems and integrate them with an intelligent control system. The result is a transmission that offers sporty performance, and the kind of connected feeling you can only get from a manual. This high tech transmission is also able to boost fuel economy by four to seven percent.


Mazda’s Skyactiv body and chassis system is designed to improve both performance and safety. Mazda engineers have managed to increase body rigidity by 20% while shaving hundreds of pounds off the weight of Skyactiv vehicles. Plus, redesigned chassis deliver greater levels of stability and agility that you can really feel behind the wheel.


In order to further its goal of making Skyactiv vehicles as fuel efficient as possible, Mazda has created a new kind of braking system that is able to harness power that is normally lost. The i-ELOOP system converts kinetic energy from the vehicle’s brakes into electricity that powers the vehicle’s electric systems. This technology alone produces 5% better fuel economy.

Test Drive a Skyactiv Mazda

The genius of the Skyactiv system is it offers tons of upgrades and enhancements without having to reinvent the wheel. Driving a Skyactiv vehicle is like driving any other vehicle, it just happens to be more fun, more fuel efficient, and more safe. Mazda has expressed a total commitment to this technology, and you can bet that it will improveĀ  and evolve with each new Mazda vehicle. You can test drive a model like the 2014 Mazda3 5-Door with Skyactiv technology now at Cox Mazda.

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