What To Do If Your Vehicle Stalls

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Having your car stall can be nothing short of nightmarish. Whether it simply refuses to start when you’re in a hurry or stops dead in traffic, it can send you into a panic. The service team at Cox Mazda takes your safety seriously, so try following these helpful tips they have for you!

Your Car Won’t Start

What do you do if your car just won’t start? If you’re somewhere safe, open your hood and inspect your battery wires. If you find they are loose, get a wrench and tighten them. If they seem tight, try checking your spark plugs. Move them around to check to see if they are loose. If they seem loose push them down to ensure they are connected.

If the spark plugs are all connected properly, try checking your distributor. Follow the wires and check to see if they are loose. If they are, push them into the distributor.

Your Car Suddenly Dies While Running

Having your car stop running while on the road can be terrifying for anyone. Try not to panic and steer towards the curb or shoulder of the road. Once you are out of traffic, check your vehicle’s temperature gauge. If the needle is past the halfway point on the gauge, your car has mostly likely overheated.

It’s a good idea to keep a bottle of distilled water in your car in case of emergencies. If you are somewhere safe, use something to open the hood such as a wet rag. If your radiator is smoking, it has overheated. Don’t touch the radiator — instead, pour the water over the front of it. Be sure to avoid the engine.

Once it has sufficiently cooled off, use the rag to twist off the radiator cap and pour the water into it. Start your car and let it run. If you see the level of the water go down, add more. Check your temperature gauge, and when it becomes normal, consider taking the car into a service center.

If you get your car to the side of the road and the temperature gauge is normal, you might have an electrical problem. Try your horn or lights and if they are weak you may need to jump start your vehicle.

To jump start your car, turn off both cars then use a set of jumper cables to connect your vehicles. Attach the positive cable to your battery, then to the other car’s battery. Connect the negative cable to the other vehicle’s negative terminal, then to your engine block. Start the other car and let it run for a few minutes before starting your vehicle. Rev both engines, and in a few minutes remove the jumper cables in the reverse order that you attached them.

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