What Your Car Color Says About You

June 25th, 2013 by

2014 Mazda CX-5I’ve never been the type of person to believe in horoscopes. When I happen catch a glimpse of the horoscope section in the paper (I’m a Scorpio, by the way), I typically groan. I won’t argue and say that it’s not fun to think about, because it is. I recently came across a similar philosophy that might have a little more truth to it. Some people claim the color of your car can tell a lot about your personality, especially because you often have the choice over what color you want.

Of course, you don’t always have a say in the color of car you get. For instance, you might be a blue car kind of person, but the best used deal you can find comes in orange. Or maybe that’s the cosmos’ way of saying you’re not the person you think you are?

Your Car’s Color and Your Personality

  • White: You have an acute attention to detail. You also enjoy simplicity and independence.
  • Red: You love action and speed. You live fast and don’t look back.
  • Orange: You’re down to earth, but fun, talkative, and outgoing. You’re non-judgmental, an inclusive person and easy to talk to at parties.
  • Bright Yellow: You’re bright, optimistic, and out-going with a springy youthfulness.
  • Green: You’re traditional, but tolerant. You’re interested in other people’s ways of doing things. People see you as trustworthy and balanced.
  • Blue: You’re a dependable person who knows what they’re talking about. You’re a good member to have on a team.
  • Black: You’re classy, appreciate nice things, and like to be in charge. You’re quick to catch on to those that are trying to manipulate you.
  • Brown: You’re very down to earth and no-nonsense, though not gruff. You’re a steady anchor in your social circle.
  • Gray: You’re a practical and pragmatic person, who enjoys, but is not obsessed with order. You calmly listen to other people’s opinions, make your own, and let them keep theirs.
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