When Your Trusted Car Calls it Quits

May 22nd, 2013 by

I remember the first time I had a car throw in the towel. It was an old red, four-door that I had inherited from my grandfather. When I took the keys, it already had an incredible 250,000 miles on it. He had been diligent about the repair work, so I felt that it was my duty to keep up with it too. It was on that car that I learned how to change the oil and do other basic routine maintenance. When I change the oil on my car now, I still imagine that I’m twisting the oil filter on my grandpa’s old ride.

Like most old, regularly-driven cars, despite a strong history of maintenance, there comes a time when they just can’t do it anymore. By the time it gave out, my first car had over 320,000 miles on it, a feat that still impresses me. I could have spent the money to fix it, but by that point I knew that I would just be putting off the inevitable.

Moving On

Like most drivers, I didn’t have time to grieve after my car died. I needed a new ride to be able to get to work. So I turned to scouring all the used dealerships around my house. It was a tough process that involved a lot of frustrating, unfruitful visits to dealerships.

Cox Mazda Makes Finding Another Car Easy

Cox Mazda makes it easy by listing all available pre-owned models in our online inventory. There you can search by terms that are relevant to your needs, including:

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Be sure to also check out our free AutoCheck vehicle history reports. These are filled with vital information that can reassure you that you’re getting a good deal. This includes past driver history, recorded maintenance history, and accidents.

How About a Test Drive?

It was tough getting over the loss of my beloved first car, but a test drive suddenly made it go all away. If you would like to explore if some options may be right for you, we encourage you to come to Cox Mazda in Bradenton. We’re located at 2900 Cortez Road West, just west of the Sweetbay Supermarket.