You’re Filling up Your Tires Wrong

August 29th, 2013 by

tire rotation at Cox MazdaWell, we haven’t been spying on you specifically, but many drivers are filling up their tires to the incorrect pressure. Knowing where on your vehicle to find your recommended pressure level, as well as knowing why to get things like tire rotations and wheel alignments, are both key to keeping you safe on the road.

And whenever you need to get that tire rotation or wheel alignment around Bradenton or Tampa, Cox Mazda is the place to take care of your regular service! To make an appointment, either give us a call, schedule an appointment with Cox online.

Finding the Correct Tire Pressure

When filling up tires, most people look right on the face of the tire itself for the recommended pressure. Usually listed in either pounds-per-square-inch (psi) or kilo-pascals (kPa) this is the maximum pressure recommended by the tire manufacturer, not for your specific vehicle.

To find your vehicle specific pressure number, you need to do a little more hunting. Luckily, it’s usually located in an easy to find spot, right on the jam of your driver’s side door. Getting close to this number will not only help you to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, but it will also increase your overall performance.

Why Tire Rotations and Alignments are Vital

In a perfect world, you would walk evenly on your feet and your car would sit squarely on its wheels. Unfortunately, things don’t really work that way. You probably put more emphasis on your heel or the side of your foot, making one side of your shoe wear faster than the other. And if you don’t change your shoes regularly, you’ll most likely develop knee problems.

Your car is the same way. It likes to put more weight one side of the wheel than the other, causing your tires to wear unevenly. During a tire rotation, the technicians at Cox Mazda remove the tires and move them to different wheels. This allows another side of the tire to wear, evening out the tire and extending its overall life.

Alignments help to get to the bottom of this uneven weight distribution by better balancing your wheels. Though this uneven weight can never be fully eliminated, balancing helps extremely.